Summer 2022 Session I

June 11th - July 9th

4 week session
No class June 25th
Registration opens on May 30th

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IPickle Beginner I (1 hr)
8:30 am
This is a beginner Pickleball class that focuses on the rules and basic strokes of the sport. Learn basic court positioning, scoring along with essential shot building including dinks, volleys and serves.
IPickle Game Strategies (1 hr)
9:45 am
Skill development on techniques as a team player. Drills/games to help improve every area of the court.
IPickle Stroke of the Week (45 min.)
11:00 am
Designed for the player who has Pickleball experience and/or has taken the intermediate class.
•Add direction and control to forehand and backhand shots.
•Improve technique on serves, volleys, and drive shots.
•Initiate a dink rally. Engage in volleys.
•Improve your 3rd shot drop, returns and the soft transition.
•Learn the lob and how to run down the lob.